Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Time has Come!

Hello Blog world!
I have long contemplated the idea of having a blog and finally here I am!
I have been journaling since I could barely write and certainly before I could spell correctly. (Most of those entries in my younger years include dramatic crushes, though ridiculous they are still entertaining!)  So, I am filled with anticipation to venture into this new journey!
A bit about me: I recently got married and moved to rural Iowa (May 2010) with my Knight John Drake. He is everything I love and also possesses so many qualities I never knew I needed! Though it has been an adjustment moving from the suburbs of Minneapolis lush with restaurants, specialty shops and of course the mega mall, it has truly been an enchanting journey. I have enjoyed the small community where people look out for one another (when we just moved in our neighbor whom we barely knew plowed our driveway on numerous occasions last winter!) AND since living here, I have discovered more in-depth the wonderland of the internet (includes online shopping ; )!
 You will find, I love all sorts of creative venues and I am still  feeling out different mediums to find my fit in the artistic/entrepreneur realm. Although, there are a few hobbies that I have closely bonded with  including photography, painting, journaling, and reading. 
 I sliced up a few of my loves into categories at the menu above. Here is a brisk descript:
Cultivate:  I venture into an array of creative endeavors in which I am constantly buried in. Every day, I strive to accomplish something (which some days include the complicated task of relaxing ; ) I want to always be learning something new or achieving my goals. (See Dreams for a glimpse of these ambitions!)
Ministry: The core of who I am, my purpose and where I am going. Here you may find my weekly devotionals from the heart. God has been transforming me, and has been leading me to have more of a servants heart,  though I have LOTS to learn and grow> here you will find this estranged journey.
Photography: Here is where much of my “free time” is spent. Sparkling* Reflections is my creative business endeavor. If you need fab pics of you and your family Im your gal! Check out some of my work on Facebook!
Day Job: My position is at a bank in Iowa; here I stay busy as the club director and plan events to spoil our club members. Anyone can be a member if you meet the qualifications! AND its no matter if you live a distance away we have the highest technology. We stay on top of the lastest, including online banking, apps for banking, and a whole bunch more. Just ask me : )
Book Club: I shop, collect and DEVOUR books! Join me if you so wish! I especially relish inspirational reads, and real life journeys.
Phew! Im delighted to begin this journey and am equally intimidated. Though my curiosity has long driven me into exploration and adventure, I am ready to take the dive! Thank you for lending me your eyes and I hope to bring inspiration and hope to all who so wish!