Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 One Month Down

Can you believe its February already?! 
We are already one month into the new year of 2012!

So, here is a snap shot as to how my
 New Year’s Resolutions are going:

{Growing deeper}
Well I haven’t been doing daily devos like I want to get in the habit of doing, 
but I just got done reading Heaven is for Real has really been enhancing my faith.
 Now I going to be reading:

 'Kisses from Katie" 
{An 18 year old senior class president and homecoming queen leaves everything to move to Uganda because of her passion to follow Jesus, she is adopting 13 young women and established a ministry!!! Wow, I can't wait to be moved by her courage!}

{Getting Involved in Impact Ministries}
 I am using my pastoral minor and made it official this month! I am now a “minister” ordained through Impact Ministries International. 
The Lord has been laying many things on my heart of what we are to do when we get to Honduras this summer. I AM SO SO EXCITED to have my husband, Dixie (his mama) and Grandma Bonnie come! 
I anticipate much hugs, laughs, and yes tears…
{this will also fulfill our “vacation” new faces and places goal this year, we may stay a few extra days and tour the islands}

{Honduras IMI orphanage with our kids : } HOW I MISS THEM!

Wendy the first orphan<3 the girls just love sparkles!

 {Cultivate: be creative every week}
 I got an itch to be productive and creative over this last weekend.
 I am so into the chalk board paint! Its my obsession right now! 
I got some great ideas on Pinterest. So this weekend I worked on my chalk message boards, and painted the side of my fridge with chalkboard paint!
John was surprised when he first saw that I painted the side of the fridge. 
 He really liked it! And said, “When are you going to paint the rest?! 
He didn't mind being that  our fridge is umm… well… vintage ; )


So I painted the rest : )


I just LOVE it!!

And thats not all...
I even painted the top of my kitchen table 
with chalk board paint! 
Little obsessed I know
{Physically active} 
I would say I am doing ok, I go in spurts.  I could step it up (literal) : D

 I did try a new recipe this month it was a Hot Chicken Dip.
Id take a picture but it has already been devoured! YUMM!! 

{Organize & rid of clutter}
While going through more 'stuff' these last few weeks, 
 I found a tin full of souvenirs from my dads travels, trinkets from places I have been and a perfume bottle from my mom when I was little. 
I love rediscovering treasures like this!

{Take a class}
 I signed by for a sewing class the end of Feb!
Watch out world Im takin on the machine! Yep, Im scared too.

{Develop Photography} 
At this moment In Focus Photography an amazing, booming photography biz 
(whom I met through my dad) is looking at my website and doing some critiquing before launch. The owner Mary was SO amazing and helpful. She wants to take me out for a day teach me some tricks of the trade. Wow, Im just so humbled by this.
 I just need to set up a time to go to Milwaukee!

{I have been taking different shots around my house, I LUV vintage cameras!}

I think I have a good head start on my goals this year!
 But I still have a lot of work to do!

Share your ambition!
 What have you accomplished so far in 2012?

Did you accomplish anything on your list yet?