Saturday, July 28, 2012

All the Things a Toddler Does in a Day

As a confirmation to my last post 'Curious Since Tot' this letter from my mama was a perfect compliment! Lord, have mercy on John and I - I hope to not have a toddler like me! Hope you get a few laughs out of this!
{Proceed with Caution:photos are not as they may appear}
Hey Babe,
I know u r always up for a chuckle or 2 so I thought I would share some words of mine that I found in a journal while going through old books.
{My big sis Jessica and I posing for my mom's friend who is a professional painter}
February of 1987 Natasha's two years old

*Throws food off tray and smiles a big huge grin (I believe it)
*Dips her play glass/cup in bathroom stool and takes a drink (Well, why was the lid open?)
*Writes on telephone with crayon (It probably looked better after I added my artistic touch)
*Snacks on Angel the cat's food (Well, why was it sitting out?!lol ;)
*Takes left-over garbage from under the sink and takes a bite! mmm yummy! (Again, whats the garbage doing under the sink- was this before child locks were on cupboards? lol)
*Has a wonderful time playing in the household sandbox; the litter box (How could the let me do this!?)
*Pulls ALL the kleenex's out of the kleenex box (What can I say, I find my own fun=easy to please :)
*Got in mommy's purse again and puts on some lipstick on her mouth, around her mouth and in it. But, she did however manage to put the lipstick back it its compartment and found some 'other interesting' things in the purse (Really, there is no other place more interesting than mom's purse-except maybe her jewelry armoire)
*Pulls out all the canned goods of the cupboard when she has her 'own' fake toy groceries to play with (Well, real is always better than fake)
*Pulls Angel the cat around by the tail and pulls her hair to pick her up (Okay this is awful, but I was two- and AngelAshley was no angel)
*Takes all the shoes out of the entry closet and put them on and waltzes around the house... who does 'that' sound like? Livie? (My niece Alivia is 3yrs old- a collection of her escapades is currently being written-shes my lil clone! :)
*Pulls all books down from the shelf and doesn't read or look at any of them- well, maybe just one (Yea, that sounds 'bout right)
*Turns off hot water heater so we can't take a hot bath (How did I find the hot water shut switch- shear brilliance ; )
*Loves to get into mom's jewelry to try on treasures (YEP)
*Raids big sister's 'purse' for gum, candy, hand lotion and lipgloss (Naturally, its in the little sisters job descript)
*Learned to powder her face a the young age of 22 months AND her hands AND her clothes AND and legs..etc... (Its a beauty treatment- I am way ahead of my time)
*Took diapers and 'jammies' off in crib after mommy already put her to bed for the night (Well, Im a night owl. I don't like to go to bed early- this is merely an act of my independence)
*Proceeds to make a work of art with an ink pen on her pretty pair of pink pants (Young fashion designer at work ; )
*Takes a make-up lesson in eyeliner... only it ends up as a mustache (Hmm.. not really sure what to say)
* Removes her diaper then proceeds to smear it all over the sink, stool and her potty chair, then wipes off her bottom like a big girl :} (Oh, my... I will deny this till I die!?)
*(3 days B4 3rd Birthday) Stills loves love loves trying on different shoes and on the wrong feet! (Still true-but on the right feet ; )
{Easter- the most important holiday of the year- next to Christmas of course!}
{Great grandma Vione- WE  will always LOVE HER!}
{This was my all-time-favorite doll, I played with her until her head hung by a thread- she was almost bigger than me~!}
 {This was my earliest memory- I was barely two and I grabbed my easter basket, hid behind the couch because I was afraid they would take it away from me or limit my chocolate intake- and I DEVOURED as much chocolate as I could find my basket! My mom found me behind the couch with a choco-moustache}

My chocolate obession started early!!!

{Can you believe this angel did such things?! LOL}

I thought you might get a kick out of these pranks a little girl named Natasha was up to. 
 :D Love you Toots!
Love, Mom