Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 Ambitions and Aspirations...

{More Immediately}
*Photography website up...
Everyday I am getting closer and closer
*Become ordained in ministry...
By next month this should be official! 

*Throughout 2012*
{Grow deeper}
 in my relationship with Jesus
{Every day set aside time}
with the Lord praying and in his word
{Increase my involvement}
In church and Impact Ministries
{Giving my resources}
Tithing faithfully giving to the orphans
{Physically active}
 3 times a week: running and lifting
{Become debt free}
Pay off 1 student loan
{Develop my photography business}
 Perfect my skills
{Be creative every week}
Make time to create whether it be art or photography or writing
See new places and faces
{Develop more excellence at work}
Learn more skills valuable to the bank
tredmill, house, puppy
{Organize all pictures and papers into books}
Rid of unnecessary junk
{Take a class}
Learn how to use sewing machine!]
{Try a new recipe every month}

I may have exhausted myself in all I want to accomplish but I have high hopes for 2012
2011 was DEFINATELTY a year of learning and maturing.
I want to MAKE 2012 a year of learning also.
Digging deeper into God’s heart and cultivating the passions he has planted in my heart.

What are some of your ambitions for 2012?
How are you going to MAKE A GREAT Year?
What is your definition of success in what you want accomplished in 2012??

 In "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"
{AMAZING book everyone should read!} says:
"If you carefully consider what you wanted to be said of you 
-at your funeral- you will find your 
definition of success."
Stephen Covey

WOW. That is powerful. When you are gone from this earth 
{bc everyone will be eventually}
What do you want to be remembered for???
Here is some great
WISDOM for setting your GOALS:

Statistics say you are more likely to accomplish a goal if it is written down!

  1. Take a minute and recruit a friend jot down 10 goals for the year.
  2. THEN write down what steps you need to take to achieve that accomplishment.
  3. Make each other accountable.
  4. Follow up with one another to see what progress is being made.
  5. It will help to have your goals up where you can see them as a daily reminder, such as your fridge or message board.
  6. Chances are, the simple gesture of reminding, can be an encouragement to stick with it!
  7. Just watch as your set dreams become reality!
God guide you and bless you as you put Him first!

"In all your ways acknowledge Him 
and He will direct your paths."
Proverbs 3:6

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 Touring New England

2011 Highlights continued...

a childhood dream come true...

Touring New England 

I have dreamed of touring New England since my younger years.

So as soon as I became the bank club director I wasted no time

and planned a visit to this enchanting part of our country.

September 23rd - October 3rd err.. 4th (see explanation later)

New England had near perfect weather for us,
 sunny in the mid- 70's with a cool breeze. 

Though all the trees had not quite turned yet, 
there were a few pops of color for us to enjoy along the way. 

New England was beautiful and we were stuffed almost daily
 with fresh seafood.

We kept very busy in case you didn't see the itinerary! 

Every day we were in a different city and sometimes a new state.

Replica of the Mayflower
{Much smaller than I imagined!!}
We saw an array of sites from New York to Boston up to

 Portland, Maine and Cape Cod and many more.

And on our way to discovering this part of the country

I tacked on four new states to my belt! 

I now have seen 36 United States,

and in my life time I hope to at least peak into each 50. 

This particular tour package was called New England by Train

which featured different antique trains along our journey.  

One of the top sights I wanted to experience

was the majestic rocky east coast of Maine

and to behold one of its lighthouses- I had only seen on calendars.

I did just that!

And it was far more beautiful than I imagined!

 I tasted Portland, Maine’s fresh lobster (a few times) and consequently 

one night while having dinner on a boat,

  I was tearing into a big juicy Lobster and  plucked a piece 
(apparently too vigorously) 

and it that flew right over my shoulder!! 

The ladies at my table erupted with laughter! 

After that night my nickname ‘Princess Kate’ was diminished!


Our New England travelers were survivors! I got to know each and everyone! 

I love spending time with people, and I LOVE to hear their stories!!!

 They are all so delightful in their own way : )

On our way home we had a delayed flight 
and ended up having to stay in Boston and catch the next flight the following morning.

 Because it was the airlines error, they put us up in the Hilton over night 
and gave us all meal voutures for dinner and breakfast for the next morning.

It was rough it tell ya ; )

The next morning,

OUR conecting flight was a mile from our gate!
And by this time my travelers were just exhausted. We were on our 11th day and determined to spend the night no where else but in our own HOMES!

So, in order to make it on time 
we had to rush through the airport
we ordered 8 wheelchairs...

IMAGINE 8 wheelchairs 
flying through the airport!!!!

Let me tell you, it was quite a sight to see! 

A highlight of our trip for sure!

Though it has its moments of stress, like getting stuck in airport for hours and being responsible for a group of people! 
I thank God most every day for the opportunity serve as the club director, 
 meet new people, get paid to 
travel, all expenses paid and to plan events.

I am so very thankful.


As you


{NEXT POST: Objectives and Hopes for 2012!}

Friday, January 6, 2012

Highlights from 2011

2011 a year of
Challenges and Miracles

One of the most painful challenges our family 
has ever faced
was just this last summer.

In June 2011, to our horrific shock,

my brother Phillip only 23  was diagnosed with a brain tumor near the center of his brain, the size of a walnut!

We found out days before he was to lead an annual mission’s trip
to Honduras through my parent’s ministry.  
 {Impact Ministries International} 
{faithfully feeds and supports over 6,000 orphans 
and the poor across the world}

He has a heart for the poor and is a servant of the Lord
and a fighter for the lost, just like our dad.

 Just days after his diagnosis, 

Phil was scheduled to have major brain surgery 
to remove the tumor
on July 1st the day of 
Phil's 24th birthday,
Taken 2 years before surgery
This all came on us all so quickly and abruptly! How could this be happening?!

He is on his last year as a law student studying to become an adoption lawyer to help 
I.M.I. orphans into healthy loving homes.

He’s engaged to a most courageous and beautiful young woman, Jessy who has been so strong through this extremely difficult time.
Surely God has a promising future for him!

We all clung to this hope, 
this could not be the end for him.

God showed us his faithfulness and 
confirmed the right surgeon.

This particular surgeon is one of the 
best neurologist surgeons for this procedure
 in the country!
 If that isn’t the favor of God!!!! 

Phillip ended up moving the brain surgery till after the missions trip!!!!

 Now that takes some guts!
He made it through what was supposed
 to be an 8 hour procedure

  in just 3 1/2 hours!

He is now amazingly almost fully recovered.

 It happened so quickly, 
almost like it didnt happen at all...

 that is 

until you experience the scar
Phil now bares as evidence.

As painful and sobering as this time was,
 the Lord was with him the whole time, 

Glory and Honor to God who heard the countless prayers that were pleaded on Phil's behalf!!!

The Lord showed his favor and mercy and
 brought us all through this terrible storm.

~ ~ ~

To my dear brother Phil, 

Through this hardship you have shown tremendous, inhuman strength. 

The laughter you could bring yourself to even though 

you were going through so much turmoil, 

the kindness you shown that older nurse who  had no children, 

even in the most trying time in your life you were still thinking of others!

And all the people who came to support you through. 

 Quite the entourage!

We were given a glimpse into all those you have

 impacted in your mere 23 years.

God isn’t done with you yet! 

God’s general in the making.

There are no words to say how proud I am of you,

and how honored I am to call you my brother.

Love you,

Tasha bears

There is a time for everything,
and a season
for every activity under the heavens

Ecclesiastes 3