Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Curious Since Tot

Are you one to always be trying new things?
I sure am! I have always been curious and wanting to explore new things. I guess that goes hand in hand with my love to introduce new things to people, and inspire them. 
Sometimes I will even take a different way home just to see new scenery or possibly discover someplace I didn’t know even existed, though sometimes it gets me into trouble! 
 Like a few weeks ago, I did just that!
I decided to try a different way home and got lost in a maze of road construction. I ended up driving over a metal slab puncturing my tire! After waiting for hours on the side of the road with a flat tire,
(all the while having episodes of America's Most Wanted flashing through my mind),
the tow truck finally came to rescue me.

On my way home

 I asked myself “Well, was it worth it Tash?” 
The answer?
A big fat NO.
Yet still the drive to explore new things and see new scenes beckons me.
There are a few firsts in my LIFE
so far this year:

I took a sewing class.
I haven't created anything with my new sewing machine I got as a wedding gift.
So, I decided to take a sewing class. 
 I was surprised to find that I already knew some of the fundamentals of sewing thanks to my Grandma DeBord. She introduced me to the sewing machine at age 10.  I made a quilt for my doll, though not without flaws, I was still so proud of it. 
My grandma made many different outfits for my mom and her siblings when they were in school, and I will never forget a very special dress she made for me when I was young.
 It had  puffed sleeves,
Just like Anne of Greene Gables : )
 it almost touched the ground, and you could pretty much twirl till you'd float : )
  So anyways, while the sewing instructor was teaching others how to thread their needle, I pulled out my bag of ‘fix it’s’ and sewed some of my clothes that needed a little fixin’. 

I sowed a pillow case.
One main objective in taking that sewing class was to learn how to make ruffles. The instructor informed me about the ruffle foot, soonest chance I got I went out and bought one.

A ‘ruffle foot’ replaces the foot which is the base of where the fabric meets the needle and holds it down. It looks very intimidating, but its actually is complicated in order to  make it easier for you! Make sense?

I LOVE ruffles. They are feminine, beautiful and timeless.

I liked this project
 but I discovered I have NO desire to be a seamstress.*

I signed up for a 5k!
 I have been running more, I am very excited about this next ‘official step’.

Started saving for Retirement.
That feels good! But its pretty far away, just a few years ; )

I bought a bike and new kicks.
I haven’t owned a bike since I first learned to ride one at age seven.
Strategic motivation to get me outside and kickin! Or pedaling! Lol

Added Kale to my diet.
Have you ever had Kale? This is a first for me!
Its a superfood-One of the healthiest foods on the planet!
Yet another attempt to be superwoman ;)

Add to your salads or sandwiches, its great mixed with greens like 
spinach and sprouts!

I cooked an artichoke.
 For my fave -spinach artichoke dip.
Never Again.
All that work for so little meat? Not worth it.


ALL our stuff.
This was the first time we have moved ALL our stuff together.
That was no easy task!
We finally have one room for all our clothes.
This is my new favorite room in the house :)

We had a ton of help!  Thanks to Masters Commission from Floyd,
 family and friends.
Wow, that job was not for sissys! Thank goodness we had help!

Launched my website!
 is up and running! I only spent months upon months critiquing it!
Session packages available for all walks of life and I am passionate about capturing those amazing moments. 

Married for two years.
Officially April 23rd, 2012
Has been so amazing! And I love being married to my soulmate John! These last 2 years went by so incredibly fast!
My confession is that I still get butterflies when I hear him pulling into the driveway after work and I still blush when he comes into my work with or with out two coffees in hand ; )
He's such a hard worker, a fantastic cook, and has an amazing heart, and super thoughtful. There is no one who makes me laugh like he does, he is most clever/witty person I know!!!
 Im so thankful God brought us together and Im excited for the years to come!

Missions Trip to Honduras with my HUSBAND!
I have been talking about this for months I know! I just anticipate an amazing connection with the kids and John. I know they will just ADORE him, they don’t have daddy’s or good male role models in their lives and I just know he will be able to fill a little if even a fraction of that void. And John, he LOVES kids!!! I know he is going to want to go back every year. All those sweet little brown eyes just capture you for life!!!

Half way through the year,
and there are more adventures to come! : )

Happy SUMMER SEASON everyone!!


Beka Fox said...

I love this post TASHA! You inspire me!

natashaphillips said...

Haha Thanks Beka! And YOU inspire me!!!!

Rachel said...

I'm brand new to sewing too, I've never heard of a ruffle foot, that's pretty cool! my sewing machine came with a whole bunch of feet, but apparently not that one, hmmmm....

natashaphillips said...

The ruffle foot is lots of fun! Its like $15 at the fabric store, I got mine at Joan Fabrics :) There are three different settings for tighter to looser ruffles, you should try it!

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